MATTER partnered with Verdigris and Mindtribe Product Development to design an easy-to-install, first-of-its-kind power management system that measures circuits’ amperage and voltage 8,000 times per second, letting building managers see exactly how their power is being used.

In combination with Verdigris’ existing software solution, the hardware we designed gives facility and building managers real-time power usage data. When they can see when and where power is being used, it’s easy to see what part is being wasted, potentially saving them lots of money. Verdigris clips directly onto building mains, distribution panels, and branch circuits and can be easily installed by an electrician in less than two hours.

Currently in beta testing at businesses such as Marriott, Verizon, W Hotels, Hilton, and the Grand Hyatt, Verdigris is scheduled for wider release in early 2017.

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