Matter continued to work with Sonos to design the brand’s in-store retail experience – specifically for big box retailers such as Best Buy and Target.

As Sonos began launching products within its newly established design language system, it was also time for the brand to redesign its retail experience to communicate the Sonos values of simplicity and quality.

In addition to designing a showcase for Sonos products, we needed to design a system that was intuitive and easy to set up by a non-expert retail team. Matter worked closely with the Sonos brand and product teams to connect elements of the Sonos design system with the new retail platform.

We also created a modular, Lego-like block system that adapted to an infinite number of scenarios and reduced the visual noise by using pure forms, and minimal infographics on a vertical plane. This approach allowed the product to shine and the Sonos brand messaging to stand out.

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