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Less is Moore: How Innovation Drives The Aesthetic of Tech

Matter's Creative Director, Adam Leonards, discusses the evolution of experience based design and its influence on the aesthetic of tech.


Joy Launches Smart Photo Album: Album Making Made Easy

In 2015, Joy teamed up with Matter to design the smart photo album; a storytelling device that connects you with friends and family anywhere. We are thrilled to announce that the product has officially launched!


Carnival’s New Wearable Makes Big Ships Feel Smaller

How the new Ocean Medallion—from the guys who created Disney’s MagicBand—will help passengers navigate Carnival’s busy ships.


Max Burton on 9 Ideas Shaping The Future Of Design

Co.Design asked a handful of the 2017 Innovation By Design Award recipients and honorees working in technology, branding, experience design, architecture, urbanism, product design, and industrial design about the ideas that will impact the industry the most in the next few years.


Matter is a Finalist in Fast Company’s sixth annual Innovation By Design Awards

The honorees, chosen by expert judges in 13 categories, represent the best products, services, interfaces, and ideas of 2017.


How 5G Could Power a "Calm Tech" Era

Designers could empower humans to better connect with one another by untethering us from our phones, allowing us to remain “heads up” while staying connected to the digital world.


Inside Carnival's tech-filled Medallion cruise ship

Ever wonder what making the future looks like? CNET shows how the vision of personalized travel is coming to life on the Regal Princess.


A UI To Make You Fall In Love With Conserving Water

What’s the best way to cut back on water usage? A good start might be understanding just how much water you’re actually using on a day-to-day basis. That’s what the water conservation smart sensor Well is meant to do. Designed and engineered by the firms Matter and Mindtribe, Well is a prototype system of sensors that you hook up to some or all of your water lines, depending on how precisely you want to know about your water consumption.


MATTER teams up with Jacobs Institute at UCB.

An engaging discussion @JacobsDesignCal around innovation in design, intersecting the digital and physical spaces. Thanks for joining us!


This Gameband smartwatch brings classic Atari games to your wrist

The folks over at FMTwo Game have announced the launch of the Gameband, a device which will allow you to play on-the-go through its Android-based OS. And thanks to some collaborative work, the watch will launch with co-branded editions from Atari and Terraria.


ProBowl Makes Dog and Cat Mealtime more Memorable

Obe, a San-Francisco based company founded by Hilary Jensen, is the grand prize winner of the first-ever Pet Care Innovation Prize. The Prize is a partnership between Nestlé Purina and investment firms Active Capital and Cultivation Capital. Obe produces smart pet products that make the day-to-day care of pets effortless so more time can be spent with pets.


MATTER teams with Carnival Corporation to deliver highly personalized vacation experiences through an innovative wearable

Las Vegas, NV: In collaboration with Carnival Corporation and a talented team of partners, MATTER is proud to have brought its skills in industrial and digital design to the creation of a transformative vacation experience via the Ocean Medallion™. The first-of-its-kind wearable device enables a personal concierge by bridging the physical and digital worlds to deliver a new level of personalized service not previously considered possible.


Lessons on Running a Successful Creative Business

"I thought there was an opportunity in the market for a firm to focus on this convergent design of physical and digital design. Certainly, there are other companies that speak about this, but in reality, they are so focused on strategy work and vision work that they’re not doing so much. I really wanted to focus on “thinking and doing.” says Max Burton


Cujo is a Product Design Finalist for Fast Company’s2016 Innovation by Design Awards

Cujo is a friendly looking physical device that protects all of a smart home’s gadgets against hacks, malware, and viruses.


Graava app changes the way we capture important moments in our lives

Artificial intelligence meets video editing in this small device, which solves the GoPro’s biggest issue: You never know what to do with all that awesome footage. Created by San Francisco design firm Matter, the Graava has sensors that track changes in sound, acceleration, heart rate (the camera syncs to third-party monitors like the Apple Watch), and other data points while you’re filming.


MATTER brings beauty, convenience and adventure into your kitchen through the connected slow cooker, Oliver.

Before sous vide machines migrated from fine dining to domestic domains, before Keurigs and "The Keurig of Xs" began cluttering countertops, and before we started pulverizing food into a textureless slurry, there was one piece of culinary tech that took America by storm: the humble crock pot.


Max Burton on what we can learn from Nike and Disney's approach to design

The O’Reilly Design Podcast: The future of wearables, hiring designers, and understanding the value of design.


Verdigris takes $9M to power its AI energy consumption analytics b2b startup

We hear a lot about the Internet of Things on the consumer side. The oft trotted out example of the ‘smart’ refrigerator that tells consumers when they’ve run out of the milk, and so on. But more serious potential for IoT — and potentially seriously big wins — are likely to be on the enterprise side where connected sensors can be deployed to automate at scale.


Disney’s $1 Billion Bet on a Magical Wristband