The clean-shaven look is so last year. With facial hair making a comeback in a big way, how can today’s gentleman keep his beard looking sharp? That’s what Philips wanted to know, so they asked Matter to design a beard trimmer for the modern American man to help him look and feel his best.

Matter started by questioning the assumption that the target demographic—American men between 18 and 40—were only interested in sporty razors with over-emphasized ergonomic grips and go-faster styling. (Spoiler alert: they’re not.) Matter tested several new directions with a focus group of men, exploring different shapes, materials, ergonomic designs, and mood boards.


The Philips and Matter teams discovered that the modern guy’s idea of “good design” had changed, and they were now interested in subtler, more modern styling with an emphasis on high-quality fit and finish. With a clearer understanding of what men actually want currently, Matter designed a new trimmer with a simple form and sophisticated materials. The soft rectangular shape at the top intuitively allows users to orient the trimmer to their face without looking down, while the concave power button offers an additional point of reference. Noticing that users held the trimmer higher up on the stem for more nimble control, we intentionally focused these grip semantics closer to the trimmer head.

Philips’ new razor is set to debut at Target stores nationwide in late 2017.


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