Peck Euwer, a surfer, entrepreneur and avid outdoor cook, enjoyed barbecuing but knew that traditional gas barbeques were unpredictable and difficult to control, leaving outdoor chefs of all experience levels anxious that they may ruin a party with a grilling mishap.

Euwer and his company, Ferno Grills, set out to reinvent the conventional gas grill - an appliance that hadn’t been fundamentally altered in half a century - with the idea of making the experience simple, intuitive and stress-free for chefs of any amount of experience. He wanted to create a grill that anyone could use to cook a steak perfectly each and every time.


Early in the development process, Peck asked Max Burton and the team at Matter for industrial design support in his efforts. We explored grilling from an “experience-first” perspective, and started analyzing the process of cooking and the new design possibilities that the firewheel technology could enable. From a brand and product interaction perspective, we knew that the firewheel was a critical feature of the grill, so in early prototypes we advised moving the wheel from the side of the grill to the front where it could be more easily manipulated and celebrated. The firewheel became a brand-driving, signature element, front and center on the appliance.


We also worked to make the entire grilling process as convenient and streamlined as possible by creating a swing-out tank holder to make swapping the gas tank in and out easier, as well as integrating lighting inside the hood to illuminate food as it is cooking. We also designed dedicated side panels to facilitate the natural flow of food from prepping, to cooking, to serving. The left panel serves as a prep area for the food, and the right panel as a staging area where cooked food can be served.

By rethinking the grill from both a design and customer experience perspective, we were able to create a new and improved product that will allow chefs of any skill level to grill with ease, leaving them more time to enjoy the important things -- the experience, the food and, most importantly, friends and family.


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